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IBC’s 6th Annual Biomanufacturing Conference will examine the latest regulations, analyse new and existing facilities, introduce cost saving technologies, and discuss best practices to meet the growth of biologic products in Asia. Key biological manufacturers will share their learnings, challenges and strategies to both advance and refine this developing industry. This conference also aims to provide a platform for key industry experts to have in-depth discussions on biomanufacturing facilities, process and quality

Key Topics to Discuss Include:

  • Biopharma Policy & Market Trends in China
  • Batch vs. Continuous Manufacturing: How to Run Smoothly?
  • Stainless Steel vs. Single-Use Disposable Technology
  • New Technologies for Alternative of Conventional Chromatography
  • Protein Quality during Scale-Up Process
  • Systematic Approach to Apply QbD & Risk Mitigation in Process Validation
  • Planning a New or Facility Expansion: Funding & Capital Decision
  • Application of Technology Transfer in Facility Design & Construction
  • Fill-Finish Manufacturing Operations
  • And many more!!!

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Featuring New & Fun Activities on site!

  • Breakfast Meet & Greet with a Regulator
  • Welcome Reception Night
  • Dinner at the Bund
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  • Present a Poster and win the People’s Choice of Best Poster
  • Additional exclusive site tour


2016 Exclusive Site Tour

Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals Move to China – Operational Excellence & Experience in 30 years Commercial Manufacturing

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About the Biopharma Development & Production Week

The Biopharma Development & Production Week is the leading industry platform for pharma, biotech, CMOs, CROs, research institutes, investors and industry stakeholders to meet, network and discuss current industry trends, establish business partnerships and be updated on investment opportunities in China and surrounding Asia.  For more information visit www.biopharmaproduction.com

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